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Getting ready…………….

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So, the shop has now been sold and Ian has finished work…………


 It’s weird – what time do “normal” people get up, start jobs, eat………… after 9 years of getting up at 5.30 it’s hard not to wake up  – but at least we can stay in bed.  We can start to get ready for our trip properly now – we’ve decided to go on Sunday 26 July 2009.  Loads to do first tho’.   Tiger needs servicing – not my department!

First he got taken to bits



and then he had nice new “things” fitted onto him



He even got new shoes


Ian moans, but I know he likes doing these jobs really……….


I have to keep checking on him to make sure he does everything properly – he did!


Of course, I had the hardest job to do – I was told ONE pannier only for me – hmmm, might be a bit of a problem here….


I did it!!!! 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of flp flops, 2 trousers, 1 jeans, 2 skirts, 1 swimsuit, 5 x cami tops, 8 x tops, underwear and various lotions and potions!! Oh and TWO towels – I agreed to put his towel in my pannier as I had the bigger one – very generous of me, don’t you think!!


I only missed one thing out – but soon found somewhere to put that – after all, can’t go without my make up!!


I was feeling quite pleased with myself until Ian came along, weighed all the stuff we were taking and told me we were 16kgs over the max load limit for the bike.  Well it can’t possibly be my stuff………………..can it???

Roll on Sunday!

Out and about………………Northumberland

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I love Northumberland, its my favourite of all the English counties.  Fantastic countryside, great beaches (if a bit cold!) and the friendliest people you could meet.  So, where better to ride………..




We rode up to Kielder – Englands largest forest and Europes’ largest man made lake/reservoir.  It took us just over 2 hours to get here, but no numb bum! I’m getting to really like this bike!  We had a wander round the lake……….



and a ride around the forest……..


We decided to do something completely new (to us)  go off  Tarmac – panic set in, what if we fell off and damaged Tiger………..DSCF0128

OK – so it’s not bad, I know, and we’ve ridden on worse “roads”  abroad.  Lovely views on the way up and at the top tho’



there was even  a bench for us when we got there…..


We were only a few miles away from Scotland so, why not go thru’ the Borders – it’s quite a long way home this way but we were in no hurry and were still comfortable – did I say how I like this bike……


so goodbye England


and hello Scotland!


Not much different – sheep look the same, no tartan ones about (none that we saw anyway!) I think Scottish sheep must be more intelligent than English ones, they stay in fields instead of wandering around the roads….


Men never listen!  They want clean visors, but don’t bring anything to clean them with – do they think they’re going to ride to the middle of nowhere and find some cleaning product and a cloth?? Any way this stream did the trick ( I was tempted to push him in – but he may have got injured and I can’t ride!  I did try to learn, but that was a disaster………maybe when I get to Turkey and have more time i’ll try again)




It would be nice to ride around Scotland more – but time doesn’t allow at the moment.    We rode home thru’ the Lake District, but i’ll save those pics for another post.

The East coast of Northumberland probably doesn’t get the credit it deserves,  I personally think it has the best beaches in England, but the weather usually lets it down.  We rode up thru’ Newcastle and via the coast.  I then realised I hadn’t charged my camera battery,  so couldn’t take many photos – I won’t do that again!  Any way a few I did get…Amble Marina and a “not very good” pic of Ian, stuffing his face with Fish n chips, which I had queued for around 40 minutes for, and which really weren’t that good!



Warkworth Castle


and then into Alnwick.  We rode thru’ this arch about 3 times


I already said men never listen, I knew where Alnwick castle was, I used to work up here – but no, he knew best (he thought!) so third time lucky and we found it. I lined up my shot……and this car went past, and totally obscured Tiger!


Alnwick castle was built in Norman times (11 century) and has been used for alot of TV shows and films. I remember it from the first series of  Blackadder but is probably most famous as being used for the Harry Potter films.



And my battery finally died!

I’ve “pinched” this pic from the internet – so you can see what I mean about the beaches…….


think we’ll have to go back!

Out and about……………..Yorkshire Dales

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Now we’ve got him, may as well test him out.  We are lucky to live in a part of the country which has great bike roads and lovely scenery practically on our doorstep.  So, at every chance we get now we’re trying to get out.  A  few pics of our rides around the Yorkshire Dales, taken on various rides out.



I need to get the hang of this “photographing from the back” thing.  Ian thinks it’s easy – he should try it!  I can have the perfect shot lined up and suddenly “whoooooooooooossshhhh”  – we’re accelerating and all I have is a big blur (or the back of his jacket!) Have to get him out of his “sports bike mode” and into “steady pace mode” – won’t be easy, it’s been embedded into him after 20 odd years riding!! There is very little traffic on these roads,  a few of these…………..


and quite a lot of these…………


but not much else.  (No, we didn’t pass the cow – we turned around – so brave!!) A bit of a shame about the weather but if it was hot all the time up here, there would be hundred of cars about!

Anyway verdict on the bike so far is good.  Ian says it’s  great to ride, if a little heavy when manouvering,  (think he may be hinting at me!) and as far as i’m concerned its soo comfortable and, having never really been on a bike with a top box before.  I don’t feel like i’m going to “fall off” the back when he does accelerate .  A few more pics………..


One from behind ……..


and into Hawes .  Hawes is a small North Yorkshire market town and is pretty much like this every Sunday…..


I don’t know why tho’ ……….



Good to stop for an icecream……


Tiger quite likes it here – makes loads of new friends………


I think this guy was maybe in a bit of a hurry – seemed to be going very fast……


Just outside of Hawes is the Buttertubs Pass – a very high mountain road with fantastic views


The “buttertubs” are fluted limestone potholes where, it’s said, the local farmers used to put their butter on their way to market.  We’ve never been able to stop here before (due to too many cars!) but  on this day we were in luck…………



The sun then decided to show it’s face, and,with the “heavy” hint still playing on my mind, I had brought a “picnic”  much to Ian’s disgust, (it’s what “old” people do – bring picnics) but he still tucked into his “salad sandwiches” – he ate pretty quickly tho’, before anyone else turned up!  Which they soon did………..


Ian tried to hide the “picnic” evidence behind him.  It was quite funny to hear them saying how hungry they were and that they could murder a drink!  Whoops……….nowhere to put anything  on your bikes guys! It started to get crowded…….


so we left.  I’m thinking i’m getting better at doing my “back seat photography”

so i’ll practice doing “arty” shots…..



I had to go through a “bog” to get this one, and then got into trouble for having “muddy boots”!


Anyway, i’ll keep practicing!  Aysgarth is a lovely village about 30 minutes away from us and in the summer is absolutely full of tourists – we went one evening when everybody had gone home…



I then figured out the self timer – wasn’t rocket science really…..


and so to home………..



No, I don’t live here – it’s our local castle!!


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After owning a shop for the last nine (very long!) years my partner, Ian,  and I,  have decided to sell up and move to Turkey.  Before we do this though we thought it would be fun to take a little bike trip around Europe. First (and most important) question –  What bike should we use?? The one we already had……….


Nah…………’t not really that comfortable on the back, and the suspension is too hard……….(sorry BMW) so we decided to look for something different.  Ian, pretty much straight away started looking at more BMW’s (GS’s).  Now, I know i’m probably in a minority here, but I think GS’s are very strange looking machines,  they may be the best tourers/most comfortable/best for off road bikes around for all I know (and I think i’ve read somewhere that they are) but they’re bloody ugly!!! So I did a little research (looked at some pictures basically!) and came up with a few options – Triumph Tiger,  KTM 990 and Yamaha 660Z Tenere.  Unfortunately my choices were not his – KTM was too expensive and the Yamaha too small – so Tiger it was then.  Nope, he decided he liked the Suzuki V Strom.  So off we went to the dealer and had a look/play/sit on one.  Not bad – but we don’t want a brand new bike and that’s pretty much all they had.  After scouring the internet for days……….and days………..turning into weeks we found ……………nothing!  In the meantime some friends of ours, Dave and Linda, (more on them later)  who were also doing a European trip arrived to stay with us on their bike………


A Honda Transalp.  So, we tested it, Dave and Ian had several “discussions” about it and yep, seemed ideal for us too.  Back to the internet then.  We found ONE bike – but by the time Ian got round to phoning about it, it had already gone.  I now know that the North East of England is sports bike territory!  Then one day, quite by chance as I was supposed to be working, I found him……………..


He was in Liverpool, which wasn’t too far from us, and maybe silver isn’t the most exciting colour but he sure fitted the bill.Off we went  to Liverpool then.  He was 3 years old, low mileage and in excellent condition, with lots of extra bits fitted. (so Ian tells me!)  So he came home……