After owning a shop for the last nine (very long!) years my partner, Ian,  and I,  have decided to sell up and move to Turkey.  Before we do this though we thought it would be fun to take a little bike trip around Europe. First (and most important) question –  What bike should we use?? The one we already had……….


Nah…………’t not really that comfortable on the back, and the suspension is too hard……….(sorry BMW) so we decided to look for something different.  Ian, pretty much straight away started looking at more BMW’s (GS’s).  Now, I know i’m probably in a minority here, but I think GS’s are very strange looking machines,  they may be the best tourers/most comfortable/best for off road bikes around for all I know (and I think i’ve read somewhere that they are) but they’re bloody ugly!!! So I did a little research (looked at some pictures basically!) and came up with a few options – Triumph Tiger,  KTM 990 and Yamaha 660Z Tenere.  Unfortunately my choices were not his – KTM was too expensive and the Yamaha too small – so Tiger it was then.  Nope, he decided he liked the Suzuki V Strom.  So off we went to the dealer and had a look/play/sit on one.  Not bad – but we don’t want a brand new bike and that’s pretty much all they had.  After scouring the internet for days……….and days………..turning into weeks we found ……………nothing!  In the meantime some friends of ours, Dave and Linda, (more on them later)  who were also doing a European trip arrived to stay with us on their bike………


A Honda Transalp.  So, we tested it, Dave and Ian had several “discussions” about it and yep, seemed ideal for us too.  Back to the internet then.  We found ONE bike – but by the time Ian got round to phoning about it, it had already gone.  I now know that the North East of England is sports bike territory!  Then one day, quite by chance as I was supposed to be working, I found him……………..


He was in Liverpool, which wasn’t too far from us, and maybe silver isn’t the most exciting colour but he sure fitted the bill.Off we went  to Liverpool then.  He was 3 years old, low mileage and in excellent condition, with lots of extra bits fitted. (so Ian tells me!)  So he came home……


5 Responses to “Intro……………..”

  1. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    Hi Bev,

    ”BMW’S are the best touring bikes”…….Ask Jaq lol..

    Nice job Mrs.Welcome to Blogland, may your readers be many !



  2. Thanks Dave

    Yep, I read of Jaq’s misfortunes. Perhaps he’s changed his mind now….

  3. As a recent purchaser of a GS I agree that they look “strange” – but they are very comfortable for 6ft 6inchers!

    Have a great trip.


  4. Thanks Nikos.

    Think it’s that “nose” type bit at the front………..don’t mind them in yellow tho’!!

  5. It’s called the “beak” Bev! Quite what it’s purpose is I have no idea!

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