Out and about……………..Yorkshire Dales

Now we’ve got him, may as well test him out.  We are lucky to live in a part of the country which has great bike roads and lovely scenery practically on our doorstep.  So, at every chance we get now we’re trying to get out.  A  few pics of our rides around the Yorkshire Dales, taken on various rides out.



I need to get the hang of this “photographing from the back” thing.  Ian thinks it’s easy – he should try it!  I can have the perfect shot lined up and suddenly “whoooooooooooossshhhh”  – we’re accelerating and all I have is a big blur (or the back of his jacket!) Have to get him out of his “sports bike mode” and into “steady pace mode” – won’t be easy, it’s been embedded into him after 20 odd years riding!! There is very little traffic on these roads,  a few of these…………..


and quite a lot of these…………


but not much else.  (No, we didn’t pass the cow – we turned around – so brave!!) A bit of a shame about the weather but if it was hot all the time up here, there would be hundred of cars about!

Anyway verdict on the bike so far is good.  Ian says it’s  great to ride, if a little heavy when manouvering,  (think he may be hinting at me!) and as far as i’m concerned its soo comfortable and, having never really been on a bike with a top box before.  I don’t feel like i’m going to “fall off” the back when he does accelerate .  A few more pics………..


One from behind ……..


and into Hawes .  Hawes is a small North Yorkshire market town and is pretty much like this every Sunday…..


I don’t know why tho’ ……….



Good to stop for an icecream……


Tiger quite likes it here – makes loads of new friends………


I think this guy was maybe in a bit of a hurry – seemed to be going very fast……


Just outside of Hawes is the Buttertubs Pass – a very high mountain road with fantastic views


The “buttertubs” are fluted limestone potholes where, it’s said, the local farmers used to put their butter on their way to market.  We’ve never been able to stop here before (due to too many cars!) but  on this day we were in luck…………



The sun then decided to show it’s face, and,with the “heavy” hint still playing on my mind, I had brought a “picnic”  much to Ian’s disgust, (it’s what “old” people do – bring picnics) but he still tucked into his “salad sandwiches” – he ate pretty quickly tho’, before anyone else turned up!  Which they soon did………..


Ian tried to hide the “picnic” evidence behind him.  It was quite funny to hear them saying how hungry they were and that they could murder a drink!  Whoops……….nowhere to put anything  on your bikes guys! It started to get crowded…….


so we left.  I’m thinking i’m getting better at doing my “back seat photography”

so i’ll practice doing “arty” shots…..



I had to go through a “bog” to get this one, and then got into trouble for having “muddy boots”!


Anyway, i’ll keep practicing!  Aysgarth is a lovely village about 30 minutes away from us and in the summer is absolutely full of tourists – we went one evening when everybody had gone home…



I then figured out the self timer – wasn’t rocket science really…..


and so to home………..



No, I don’t live here – it’s our local castle!!


4 Responses to “Out and about……………..Yorkshire Dales”

  1. Fantastic photos Bev..Well done

  2. Thanks Linda – will be catching up with you one day 🙂

    Have corrected the spelling mistakes……….thanks!

  3. Made me feel homesick. But not for long!

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