Getting ready…………….

So, the shop has now been sold and Ian has finished work…………


 It’s weird – what time do “normal” people get up, start jobs, eat………… after 9 years of getting up at 5.30 it’s hard not to wake up  – but at least we can stay in bed.  We can start to get ready for our trip properly now – we’ve decided to go on Sunday 26 July 2009.  Loads to do first tho’.   Tiger needs servicing – not my department!

First he got taken to bits



and then he had nice new “things” fitted onto him



He even got new shoes


Ian moans, but I know he likes doing these jobs really……….


I have to keep checking on him to make sure he does everything properly – he did!


Of course, I had the hardest job to do – I was told ONE pannier only for me – hmmm, might be a bit of a problem here….


I did it!!!! 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of flp flops, 2 trousers, 1 jeans, 2 skirts, 1 swimsuit, 5 x cami tops, 8 x tops, underwear and various lotions and potions!! Oh and TWO towels – I agreed to put his towel in my pannier as I had the bigger one – very generous of me, don’t you think!!


I only missed one thing out – but soon found somewhere to put that – after all, can’t go without my make up!!


I was feeling quite pleased with myself until Ian came along, weighed all the stuff we were taking and told me we were 16kgs over the max load limit for the bike.  Well it can’t possibly be my stuff………………..can it???

Roll on Sunday!


12 Responses to “Getting ready…………….”

  1. Don’t come. It’s too hot.

  2. Hi John,
    Yeah, a “little bird” told me it was really hot over there just now – hopefully by the time we get there might have dropped a degree or two…………

  3. montieandme Says:

    Errrr no go UP a few degrees..SKIRTS!!!! how are you going to ride on the back of a bike with a skirt on? your bringing more clothes than I did ..not fair!!

    Great photos, will be sooo thinking of you tomorrow and tonight, its a huge mixture of feeling going on inside, cant wait to see you both, HAVE A FANTASTIC JOURNEY…SEE YOU SOON..RİDE SAFE IAN X

  4. Errr- and i’m so gonna walk around in bike trousers and boots all the time!!

  5. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    BON VOYAGE…..waiting eagerly for your first foriegn post.



  6. Bev:

    You and Ian are so lucky to be moving to Turkey. Linda is trying to keep us away saying bad things about the weather. Even John is saying “Don’t come. It’s too hot”

    I really like your Tiger.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  7. Mikeydood Says:

    Hi ian and bev. Hope ur both well and riding safe. When u gonna post some new pics of ur travels mate ?

  8. montieandme Says:

    You are sooo bad bob..and to think you are my own brother!!!!
    Bev knows I’m lovely..right Bev 🙂

  9. montieandme Says:

    You are sooo bad bob..and to think you are my own brother!!!!
    Bev knows I’m lovely..right Bev 🙂 just heard from Bev, shes in Venice, not many internet cafes and she has loads of pics, shall put them on here later..

  10. Thanks Bob, yeah, they say that just so we don’t go……….always moaning about the heat………

    Hi Michael, wil try and put pics on when get to Turkey, have taken over 800 so will take a while to sort out!

    Hi Linda and Dave, hope to see you soon, lovely, you Linda , hahahaha

  11. montieandme Says:

    Didn’t work Bev cause your coming to live here, give you a few weeks and you’ll be moaning about the heat lol…ahh…you called me lovely 😉
    safe riding…

  12. Bev:

    I gather that you do not like to wear boots and riding pants all the time, especially in that Turkish Heat.

    Linda doesn’t know that I have commissioned you to find out the truth about that Turkish Heat. I’m betting that when you get there the weather will be “normal” and not humid and hot like they are trying to keep all of us away.

    and you’re both Lovely, Lovely Bev and Lovely Linda, Manly Dave and then there’s MAD DOG.

    Bev, have a good trip and arrive safely in Turkey.

    I still like your Tiger

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

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