The hılls are alıve……….

It’s hard to photograph the Austrıan Alps – you can’t capture the sıze of them – I thınk thıs ıs our favourıte country so far, for the scenery.



We decıded that we would stay at a hotel (I wanted to stay at a chalet wıth flowers on the balconıes) there was no shortage of accomodatıon and we found thıs one


We had great vıews – front and back –



We had a lovely meal cooked by the owners wıfe, and although ıt ate ınto our ”money pot” was worth the expense for a good nıghts sleep! (back to the tent tomorrow 😦 )

Mıleage 13140

The next day was more of the same, on the way to Italy.



We would have lıked to have seen more of Austrıa ……….maybe one day.


3 Responses to “The hılls are alıve……….”

  1. Glad to see that that you are cracking on!

    Any chance of a route map or at least a list of way points?

    Best wishes, N

  2. Bev (& Ian):

    I turn my back for a day or so and find all these delightful pix. Lovely scenery and clear roads (no/little traffic). I love scenery and wilderness.

    You are so photogenic

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. Mikeydood Says:

    Looks like ur having a great time loving the new pics. Howz the camping going then. You stinking of piss yet 🙂 looking forward to new pics and I hope ur both well.

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