It takes 4 hours on the map………..

Ian had read about the Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps so wanted to ride it.  A heavily laden, 2 up, Triumph Tiger may not be the best mode of transport to tackle the 48 hairpin bends (would sure have been much more fun on one of Ian’s old bikes  – a GSX R 1000) but after a slow start he soon got into it and I  started to  get some shots



Snowy at the top!


As it was a Saturday afternoon the Italian racer boys were out in force and we watched as they were going round bends with not just their knees but their hand on the ground.  Oh, to be young  with no sense of danger……….  We were also amazed at the amount of  pedal cyclists riding up – a 2760 metre high ride up a twisty road full of motorbikes and cars would not be my idea of fun!(I would probably have a heart attack before I got to the first bend!!)  And coming  back down…..




At some point of the descent I got “told off”.  As any pillion knows, it’s hard not to slide forward when coming down a steep road if you have no grab rail to hold and are trying to take photos!  I was then told I was responsible for the rear brake pads wearing down as he had to keep braking for me!  Hmmph, I think I was expected to get off and walk!


Haha – no I didn’t get off – this was somebody else waiting.

After this is was mountain pass after mountain pass and into Switzerland.



This is St Moritz, and Ian decided we would get something to eat!  Now St Moritz has to be the most expensive place in the world – I thought it would be, he had never heard of it!  It was – we didn’t!  We left.

It was from here that my route map had said 4 hours to Lake Garda (I remembered this) so we thought if we cracked on we would be there before dark…………



Once you get in these mountains, you can’t get out!  There don’t seem to be any straight thru’ roads, they all wind their way up and down the mountains, some of them are really slow.  We soon realised it was going to take a lot longer than 4 hours so looked for a camp site when we got back into Italy.

We found one with a view of a waterfall in a place called Chiavenna.



Mileage 13305

The next day was more of the same – mountains


and vineyards


and little towns


We eventually arrived at Lake Garda, alot more than 4 hours later,  and found a campsite.  The receptionist told us there was only one pitch available and to go and look at it. We found the “pitch” – a small triangle which “housed” 2 boats and a French registered car.   After debating whether or not we were in the right place, we decided we were and it was going to be too much hassle to explain to the people who had parked here that this should be our pitch we were set to leave.  A woman then came up to us and asked us, in English, what the problem was.  We explained and she told us it was her car and she would move it but  if we wanted we could put our tent up on their pitch and park the bike next to the car.  (the boat owner was still unknown) We did this and it turned out she was English and was living with her partner in Nice, France and they were on a touring holiday too.  The site had a well stocked shop so we bought ourselves some goodies and a couple of bottles of wine and went and sat with the swans on the lake!



Mileage 13486

End of our first week – 1444 miles.


4 Responses to “It takes 4 hours on the map………..”

  1. Bev & Ian:

    welcome back to the land of the living. I thought you two had disappeared.

    very nice pictures with lots of twisties in the mountains. St Moritz sounds very expensive. I thought the town was larger. It doesn’t look very warm but at least no rain.

    . . . and . . . how dare you for wasting brake pads !

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Hi Bob,

    Yep, still here! I think St Moritz was bigger – we didn’t stay long enough to find out 🙂

    I know, i’m so extravagent!!!

  3. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    About bloody time Mrs, I’ve been waiting weeks and weeks for the next installment…….Ahh yes, the old ”It only looks 4 hours on a map” syndrome, brings back many memories lol

    If you put your feet down braking with your boots entering bends Bev, then Ian would not use so much brake pad…let me know how it goes when you try it!!



    • Not sure if I like that idea Dave……….besides, I can’t reach the ground. Maybe if I got some of those big “Frankenstein” type boots……..

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