Water, water, everywhere……

I woke up with a bad head today!  He said it was the wine – I said it was his constant talking was finally getting to me………….anyway, no time to be ill!

We planned to stay in Lake Garda another day, to go to the  town and then for a “short” 90 mile  ride round the lake.  We were staying in Riva del Gado which is at the northern end of the lake.




It’s a pretty place, fairly touristy but not too crowded.  The northern end is mountainous.  We soon realised that our short 90 mile ride was going to take nearly the whole day.  The traffice was slow and the main road went thru’ every town .  The weather also began to change


We stopped for a drink in this little town


and when we got back to the bike the heavens opened.  It was like a tropical storm – the drains couldn’t cope with it and within 15 minutes the roads were flooded.  And then it stopped………and started…….and stopped……it went on like this pretty much all the way round – we were wet and dry so many times and also didn’t get many photos 😦


When we arrived back at the campsite it was flooded.  Luckily our little tent was dry!


Mileage 13580

As we were preparing to leave the next day we got chatting to the English couple who’s pitch we were sharing, Sally and Dan, they invited us to stay with them if we were passing thru’ Nice – and we exchanged phone numbers. Our next destination was Venice for another 2 day stay.

The weather had changed completely – and we rode thru’ more lovely scenery, again avoiding the motorways.



more mountains


and some great trees! 🙂


This was the first day I started to get hot on the back of the bike.  Once we had left the mountains behind I got a bit bored and wondered about what would happen if I accientally fell asleep!  Hmmm…. suppose I’d better stay awake then!

We found a campsite about 10 minutes outside of Venice called Camping Jolly!  Seemed to be very popular with young backpackers and had lots of facilities including a “disco” 😦  – we found a pitch well away from this!!   As we were lying in our tent later this evening we heard a  vehicle pull up in the pitch behind us.  We got out and saw a large campervan reversing into the space – but it didn’t seem as if it was going to stop.  I yelled at the driver to stop when he got a few feet away from Tiger but he seemed to not realise we were there until Ian shouted again at him.  We could have been “crushed by camper” had we not got out!


Mileage 13679

The site ran a bus service into Venice for 4 euros return so we decided to take the bus rather than the bike and had booked the first one at 9.00. I went to Venice over 20 years ago and loved it.  Its a beautiful city but August is probably the worst (busiest) time to go.


View from Rialto Bridge:


The first bus back was at 7pm so we have almost 10 hours to walk around Venice.  I took almost 150 photos 🙂 – obviously I can’t put them all on!  How to pick the best……

It got very hot today – first day for the suncream!  The little side streets were lovely and cool and alot quieter than St Marks Square, which was absolutely heaving


It was also extremely expensive.  We stopped at a little cafe for a drink – 10.5 euros for a capuccino and coke!  Makes me think……if NOBODY paid these prices they would have to lower them………..wouldn’t they??

So on that, we walked down a few side streets and found a cheaper alternative!


A few random shots





When we got to here, we realised Ians directional antennae was faulty – we were at the total opposite end from where we had to catch the bus from!


He did “pretend” to know which way to go, but I knew he was lost!


So, a long walk back the right way then!


We got to the bus with about 10 minutes to spare – when we saw the bike park, we were glad we hadn’t riden into Venice!


Italians sure do like their bikes and scooters!

Ian got a “treat” the next day! (no, NOT that sort of treat!!) We were packing up and chatting to the Australian couple next to us, who were busy making pancakes, when an attractive young lady emerged from the tent behind them, stretched a few times, looked at us, smiled, and then realised she had not a stitch of clothing on!  She grabbed at a scrap of material from inside the tent, but it wasn’t enough to cover her, she then proceeded to “pack” away wearing just this. Every man nearby suddenly emerged from their respective “accomodation”  I don’t think Ian had helped to pack away so much previouly or did he again, and the Australian guy certainly cooked a fair few pancakes!  SORRY NO PHOTOS!!!!


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