Slipping in Greece……….

It was starting to get dark as we came into Greece, ahead we kept seeing flashes of lightning and there didn’t seem to be many towns.  After about 40 minutes we came across a little place with a hotel.  It looked a bit expensive, but after over 12 hours riding I had given up the will to live, never mind go any further, so we stopped.  When we went to reception the guy was very interested in where we had been and where we were going – he also offered to order us a takeaway pizza, as there was nowhere open in the town to get some food.  This was probably the best pizza of our tour! He told us there was a town called Kastoria nearby, on a lake and we should take a look there.  The hotel was great – a  real bed!   I needed it for my aching bones!

Mileage 14670


We  tried to find Kastoria the next day but couldn’t! This is the first time Mr Garmin has let us down. We had decided that we would go to Athens on the return journey, so headed East across northern Greece.  Unfortunately, there seemed to be only one road across – a bloody motorway!  Everytime we came off it we ended up going back on, no matter where we were.  We tried going into the mountains and down to the coast but always ended up back on this motorway.  It’s possibly new as parts of it weren’t on the GPS, so we went with the flow and blasted along at the 140km speed limit.   I got bored, my ipod died, and I couldn’t take any pics!

A few I did get on our “detours”



After passing Thessaloniki we got off the motorway – hurray – and came to a lovely town called Kavala.  I hadn’t heard of Kavala, but since know it was originally called Neapolis and dates from the 6th century BC.



The town has  a lovely atmosphere and lots of restaurants and bars.  We had a good evening there.  Whenever we left the bike unattended we were never quite sure if we should lock it, remove bags, or what.  Ian usually checked other bikes to see what they did – if the locals lock ’em up, we would do the same.  Here, there were bikes parked all along the pavement, so we asked the guy in the hotel (yes, another hotel!!) where to park – “oh, anywhere you like” was his reply – “nobody bothers” – so we left it on the pavement fully laden – with just the tank bag removed.  When we returned to it the next day – nothing had been touched.

Mileage 14955

I really liked this town and wish now we had stayed there another day to have a proper look around it.


We carried on toward Turkey and Ian decided the chain needed adjusting so found somewhere to stop while he adjusted it.


When he finished he asked me to help get it off the centre stand, so I stood on the right hand side.  Now, he can’t wait and as I was going to help him he decided to do it himself and dropped it! Not wanting to have half a ton of Tiger fall on me I jumped backwards and fell  into prickly bushes.  Poor Tiger was on his side.  Ian started running about like a headless chicken – my bike, my bike – panicking as men do and trying to get it back up.   I told him to get the panniers and top box off as there was no way we would be able to lift it otherwise.  I pulled as much stuff off as I could, while he unlocked the luggage.  Thankfully, we then managed to lift him back up and saw there was no real damge – a few scratches on the right hand pannier, but my right side foot peg had totally sheared off.  (I remembered him saying on the first day of our trip about riding without a foot peg if I kept getting on and off using them)




Ian then decided a spanner would suffice as a foot peg until we found someone who could weld it back on . So off we went again with my foot resting on a spanner held on with cable ties.  We soon came to a little town with an assortment of  garages – this man did an excellent job and only charged us 4 euros!


So, it was onwards to Turkey.  We didn’t seem to see alot of Greece but knew we were coming back here on the return journey.



6 Responses to “Slipping in Greece……….”

  1. Bev:

    Now we get to see your famous Pout. I wonder how anyone could say NO to that !

    Glad you got Tiger all fixed up like new. Looks like you were on gravel while on the centre stand, and perhaps got a bit “off” balance, and foot slipped. I know with my bike it is very heavy and getting if off the centre stand worries me a bit. I nearly lost it the last time too. I now straddle my bike as if riding, then I try to push it ahead to roll off the centre stand. Then I use my legs as out-riggers and have control of the brakes to stop rolling forward. I have learned my lesson.

    It appears very safe there, and a good place to explore for another day or two. Perhaps when you make your permanent trip back to Turkey you will be able to spend more time there

    Excellent photos, as usual

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Kavala looks a pretty nice place. I’m getting an adept of traveling outside the main tourist routes. At least in Portugal, spain and greece i’m absolutely sure it works great.

  3. Bob,

    yes, the bike was on gravel but didn’t go off balance, the side stand was also down and hit Ians foot as he moved the bike causing it to fall. He also uses the “straddle” method, usually!


    Kavala was lovely. It’s good to get away from tourist routes and see the “proper” country, sometimes tho’ they can’t be avoided and isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes you need a “bit of home”.

  4. fabulous post and pics bev. i love the pout too… i know the feeling… LOL! ride safe and enjoy your travels.

  5. Hi Ms.M

    Thank you – I was feeling a bit sorry for myself as all Ians attention was centred on Tiger – no sympathy for me falling into the bushes!! (typical men really 🙂 )

  6. Bev:

    You know how it is with Men and their “toys”

    You will heal all by yourself, but it will cost $$$ to fix Tiger

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

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