Welcome to Turkey……..

We weren’t sure what to expect at the Turkish border – we had heard that it takes hours to get thru’.  We knew we needed Visas and also insurance for Tiger, so we joined the fairly short queue at passport control.  When it was our turn the officer said, in perfect English and with a smile, “you need to go to big building to get Visa stamps in passport, just leave the bike in car park” so off we went to “big building”. We were only in there about 10 minutes and came away with our necessary Visas.  We rejoined the queue, this time on foot , and a lady officer called us straight away  and passed us thru passport control.  At the next window we were told to go and get our insurance certificate from 2 guys who had a little desk set up just behind us. After “bartering” for a while with them, they charged us about 8 euros.  It took less than half an hour to finally get into Turkey.  All the officials were very friendly and all spoke English.  Such a refreshing change compared to officials in other countries. 🙂


First stop was to find an ATM to get some lira and a drink.  Turkey may have the most expensive petrol of all the countries we visited but their bottled water (and drinks in general) are a hell of a lot cheaper than anywhere else!  We knew that campsites were going to be few and far between but with hotel/pansyon (guest houses) prices being very reasonable weren’t too worried.

A few months earlier, when the sunflowers were in bloom this would have been a beautiful view.


We found a little village not far from Gallipoli, and a motel with a great sea view.  The rooms were very…………basic!  Our shower was a bucket, at least we had a “proper” toilet and not a hole in the ground type tho!  The family who owned the motel insisted that we eat there, even tho’ there was a restaurant in the village.




Mileage 15142

The next day we rode along the coast to Eceabet to get the ferry to Canakkale



Canakkale is on the Asian side of Turkey and getting the ferry here cuts out a long ride via Istanbul.  The feries run frequently and the crossing takes about 20 minutes.



Does the weather know that this is now Asia?? It got about 10 degrees hotter as we left Canakkale and the roads became like ice with their melty tar



The more South we got the more it bacame like a cauldron, with the air hitting you like  a hot hairdryer.  I was tempted to take my bike jacket off, but resisted, not just for the safety aspect but because I had already been stung twice by wasps on my bare hands, hit by a bird on the leg and had numerous stones bounce up and hit me.  Without the jacket it would have hurt!  Plus I would have been like a lobster within the hour.



We found a pansyon just before Izmir – I can’t remember the name of the town, but I do remember there was absolutely nothing there so dinner was a panini from the petrol station!

Mileage 15365

We arrived in Izmir quite early so it wasn’t too hot or too busy, but there were these funny bumpy tar roads!



We were glad we got thru the mountains before they melted!  Whenever you stop at a petrol station in Turkey, someone comes running out with a tray of juice or chai (tea) – no charge.  They want to chat with you,  such friendly people.  They find it funny, 2 Brits riding to Turkey in full bike gear and full face helmets!


We finally arrived in Dalaman – they must have known we were coming as they had put the flags out for us.  We also had a bike escort!



Mileage 15670

Total mileage 3628


4 Responses to “Welcome to Turkey……..”

  1. another great post 🙂 Koru motel really looks great!

  2. Bev:

    I could feel the heat from your description. Those sticky tarry roads looked as dangerous as gravel, especially with those longitudinal grooves. No sudden movements for you.

    If I didn’t know better, that could be Linda in the last photo

    I liked that Koru motel too. Don’t tell me toilets are just holes in the ground. I wouldn’t know how to use one. I need Canadian standard with hot and cold running water

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. LG

    Thanks again!


    You must have recognised the legs! Certainly is Linda (and Dave in the front)
    In some places in Europe there are still toilets in the ground – how to explain – not holes as such, they do have “pans” but you do have to “squat” – and they do flush! Get the picture………lol!

  4. Bev:

    she must have been a mind reader. what a co-incidence to meet up with you by chance. She was probably shopping for more shoes and you just happened to come along.

    Yes, IT was the LEGS that gave her away

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

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