A weeks R and R in Turkey…….

Well we finally made it to Linda and Dave’s.  They told us it was hot and it was – a weeks rest coming up then!  We didn’t plan on doing much riding while we were here – going to rest our bums! Boris the Bear was waiting at the apartment to welcome us.


Linda took us to some great places………

The local supermarket


to see Micks dogs…….


and another supermarket..


Tiger made friends with Montie and the Transalp..


Ian changed Tigers oil and filter and gave him a good clean.  The back wheel was black from all the oil that the automatic chain luber had kicked out and was pretty hard to get off.  My front tooth (crown) had fallen out so I had to go to the dentist to get it put back in.  I got this done, my hair cut and a new zip sewn into my bike trousers (no, I’m not too fat for them – it was faulty!!!) all done in one morning, with no appointments and got change from 40 pounds!  In England it would have cost more than this for the dentist alone – and I would have to have made an appointment weeks in advance!

We had a few rides around Dalaman and went to Sarigerme, a small town and suprisingly quiet for the time of year.



Last night out in Dalyan, with the Rock Tombs lit up behind us


View from their balcony


The week soon came to an end, and we realised they were getting bored with us when the laptop became more interesting than Ians converstion 😀


So, we packed up Tiger with all our CLEAN clothes and tent and prepared to set off once again………..


Bye bye you two and thanks for putting up with us!  See you next year…..


I finally figured how to put on clickable photos!!!!!!


2 Responses to “A weeks R and R in Turkey…….”

  1. montieandme Says:

    hahaha great blog Bev, yep ı’m ya gal if you wanna have fun!!! shall have a good read of your blog today, we have just got back to Turkey, lovin these photos not seen them yet.

  2. thanks Montie……… yep, you sure took us to some “fun” places!

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