Heading back……..

The original plan was to come back thru Turkey via Istanbul.  We decided not to do this (we will have plenty of time to go to Istanbul when we go and live there) so it was back, pretty much the same way we had come.


back thru Izmir


to a little seaside town called Ayvalik.  We found a pansyon right on the beach, cheap and cheerful.  The “bathroom” was quite small and Ian had trouble fitting in it!


There was a TV and satellite receiver – I touched it and nearly flew across the room.  There was obviously some kind of wiring fault as it gave out a shock everytime you touched it.  Didn’t want to watch TV anyway!  The owners dog took a shine to Ians leg, wouldn’t leave him alone – must have some sort of doggy smell about him!



We walked into town – seemed to be quite a busy Turkish holiday place, not the usual “foreigners” resort, as nothing was in any other language but Turkish – thats the menu behind my head, guess which I went for!!!



Mileage 16026

The next day we were heading  back up to Canakkale and the ferry



When we came to Canakkale on the way here, we missed the “horse”  I really don’t know how – it’s quite large :D.  This was the one used in the Brad Pitt film Troy and was given to the town by the film studio.  I was quite excited by the fact that Brad had touched this horse…….(even tho’ I couldn’t!)


Canakkale is a lovely town, it’s the nearest major town to Troy,  and we have some time to wander about.





Ian, as usual, had to have lunch at this cafe, I plumped for one of those things in the cart – not quite sure what they are called but taste good and cost pennies.


As it was a Sunday, the ferries didn’t seem to be quite so regular but we got one after a few hours – it was full.


We had remembered a hotel in a town called Kesan which was fairly near the Greek border so headed towards this.



It was alot better inside than out, even tho’ our air conditioning didn’t work and I was hot 😦  ……….and there was a Burger King across the road!!

Mileage 16173

End of week 4  – total miles 4131

It was less than an hours ride to the Greek border the next morning, which we passed thru’ without problem.


Gule gule, Turkey – see you soon!


10 Responses to “Heading back……..”

  1. The horse in Kanakkala seems to be really big. Here is maybe a bigger one on my video:


  2. Bev:

    You are travelling through very nice scenery. You are good at documenting your journey, very precise and detailed.

    That was a very small bathroom, looks like it was just added there. Doesn’t look like you had much traffic there.

    and I like the last “goodbye” sign

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. Thanks Bob

    Yep, bathroom was pretty small, and if you showered for too long the water went all over the bedroom floor!

  4. another great post 🙂 the places you’re crossing really look amazing.

  5. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    Hi Bev,

    It was hot the day you left….it was probably Ian’s feet the dog could smell lol.



    • Ah yes, of course Dave, it was very hot – must have been the feet…….it was a very determined little buggar tho’ – just would not let go!

  6. montieandme Says:

    So you enjoyed your PIZZA then 🙂
    See told you that you missed me, you even had to stay in a Hotel called Linda to stop the tears 🙂

    • NO, I had that other thing PIDE!!!! Adventurous or what!!!

      That hotel was a bit rough outside but nice inside 😉 ………

  7. montieandme Says:


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