Rainy days in Greece………

It was quite sad leaving Turkey.  We love the country and the Turkish people are so friendly (and I suppose we’ll miss Linda and Dave 😀 ), but were happy to be back in Greece.  The first part of the trip was pretty much a mirror of  our previous journey.  DSCF2764


and then we found these…..


a Patisserie full of the yummiest looking cakes i’ve ever seen – didn’t know which to pick (he wouldn’t let me have 2 😦 !)

I  was quite glad we had come back the same way as it meant we would be going to Kavala (the town I had liked so much the first time) again.  It was mid afternoon when we arrived and VERY hot!




We should have stayed here, I told Ian we should stay, but no, he wanted to crack on. And this is what happened


It started in the mountains and only lasted a short time, but I got absolutely soaked (for some reason, some bright spark  designer decided that my waterproofs were made to wear INSIDE the bike clothes, the jacket is ok outside but the trousers not.  I didn’t really want to strip off in the middle of a thunderstorm in the Greek mountains to put them on!) I also changed colour……. much to the amusement of the petrol station worker where the photo was taken. (was hard to get them clean – toothpaste did the job in the end!)


We got to Thessalonika and started looking for somewhere to stay.  Thessalonika is very big, very busy and very hot!  After we had rode down the the seafront Ian decided he didn’t want to stay here and was going to look somewhere else.  I was still soggy and felt like I was wearing a wet nappy (not that I know what that really feels like!) so wasn’t too happy with his decision.  For some reason we ended up in a huge industrial park.  It was around 8 o clock and getting dark.  There were also the biggest mosqitos I have ever seen flying all over us – when 2 flew into my helmet I think I lost my temper and a shouting match ensued!  About an hour later we found  a small town – only trouble was it didn’t have a hotel!  We rode around a bit more and by chance saw a large block with Hotel in huge letters on it.  It was in the middle of what seemed like a field and nothing else.  There was also a very unusual  piece of artwork on the ceiling


The guy on reception told us not to open the balony door as big mosquitos were about – we knew this already!

Mileage: 16468

The next morning we saw where we were


It was overcast pretty much the whole day and we rode South towards Volos.

We rode past Mount Olympus but it was shrouded by clouds so no good photos 😦

The sun did eventually come out tho’ and it was a lovely ride thru’ the mountains



Volos is situated on the East coast about half way down Greece. The Port of Volos services some of the nearby Islands including Skithos and Skopelos.  It’s a very lively town with lots of shops and the seafront full of restaurants and cafes.



Why do people think grafitti looks good………..such a shame!




didn’t last for long tho’ and the sun came back out.  Tiger also found a new friend


This was going to be our first night back camping since Albania. (seems so long ago) and I wasn’t loking forward to it , but we found a great site somewhere just south of Volos on the coast.



We sat and watched the sun go down, and had a competition – who could take the best shot 🙂  – he had the better camera, but I think I won!


but his was ok (well, it did have me on!!)


When we got back to the tent, a little white cat was hanging about.  Ian soon befriended it, played with it and, big mistake, gave it food!  It was very hot during the night so I had the inner and outer doors unzipped, I couldn’t sleep, he was snoring his head off.  I heard a rustling noise outside and being very brave ,  had a look out.  The stupid cat was in the tent – I didn’t want it in and couldn’t get to sleep with it playing about so woke him up.  No matter how many times we put it out, it kept coming back.  In the end, because I didn’t want it wandering about over me while I slept, we had to zip up the inner door……….still couldn’t sleep as it was like being in an oven!  Told him not to feed any more animals when we camped!

Mileage 16647

The next day we rode further south towards Athens.


14 Responses to “Rainy days in Greece………”

  1. Bev:

    I also miss Dave & Linda and I haven’t even been to Turkey yet. I had to say this as I think Dave is getting Jealous.

    I like your blackened hands, What . . . NO pixs of your blackened legs ! On very hot days I usually wear shorts under my riding pants, but my liner installs “inside”.

    Again, I’m envious of your adventures. Glad you brought home good memories of your trip with lots of photos.

    I really liked your sunset picture, and your artwork picture, actually all of your pictures. I think I would have fed the cat too

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    ps: thank you for your kind words. I didn’t feel like looking at the computer for a few days, so now I’m getting caught up

    • Hi Bob,

      Yes, I think you’re right about Dave 🙂

      I too wear cycle shorts under my trousers, but still won’t change by the roadside!

  2. montieandme Says:


    Of course you all miss me, ı’m lovely hahahaha

    Great pics Bev, hahaha bet you had a right ol shouting match, can just imagine 🙂

    • Hi Linda,

      Haha – yep, you know us too well – he sure got a few punches in the back that day! He always thinks he knows best, but of course, he doesn’t!!!

  3. <b:Bev:

    Linda said:

    Of course you all miss me, ı’m lovely hahahaha”

    You are ALL lovely

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  4. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    ….I want to be lovely too….

  5. Dave:

    OKay, You are LOVELY and dashingly handsome TOO

    LUV YOU, now I hope the girls won’t be jealous

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  6. Dave and Bob,

    This has gone far enough! Could the pair of you please do your courting” in private! 🙂

    Linda, are you getting a bit worried about Dave………..

  7. Bev:

    Linda has nothing to worry about. In my opinion, Dave looks mighty fine to me

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  8. Bev:

    I notice that your blog name includes the number 1211. does this mean Dec 11th, or 12th of November. either way, Happy Birthday

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Very observant Bob! Thanks! It is indeed my birthday – which has unfortunately passed………amother year older…….. 😦

  9. Bev:

    another year “better”, like good wine, improves with age

    happy belated Birthday. Sorry I missed it by a few days

    LUV xox’x
    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  10. Bev:

    Are you OKay ? You’ve been out of sight lately

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

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