Buongiorno Italia………….

From Bari we headed cross country (the “ankle” part of the boot)  to the west coast, miles and miles of farmland and little villages set in the hills. During “growing” season the countryside would be filled with colour but at this time of year it was pretty barren.

We came acros these strange houses in one village, there wasn’t a soul about so we couldn’t find out what they were used for or go in.  We had forgotten that Italians take a “siesta” from midday until…………whenever they feel like it really!  Nothing is open, except cafes/restaurants, and the towns are like ghost towns.

We found a small restaurant in the mountains and had a fab lunch of traditional Italian home cooking.  I can’t remember what the dishes were but when we had them again at other places they just weren’t the same.

We decided to find a campsite early as we were tired from the ferry and found an area with lots of them.  For some reason they were all closed – it seemed strange that the camping season ended at the end of August.  I wasn’t too bothered tho’!

Mileage:  17067

The next day we headed up the coast towards Napoli (Naples) and then took a detour to Pompeii.  The roads were fairly quiet until we got to Pompeii…

Hmmm………..is there nowhere that this company isn’t ………..

The ruins of Pompeii with Mt Vesuvius in the background


So after filling our pouches it was back to the coast road and Napoli. The roads weren’t so good and we weren’t sure which part we were supposed to be on – best to stay away from the tram lines tho’

Castel Nuovo, (New Castle even tho’  building started in 1266) Napoli.

Riding thru’ Napoli  – from the lack of people and vehicles I reckon it must have been siesta time!

View leaving Napoli

It was a lovely ride along this coastline but the road often went off inland

We came to a lovely town called Gaeta and decided to find somewhere to stay here.

This town was really busy and it took us a really long walk to find a restaurant that wasn’t full.  When we sat down I noticed most of the other diners were having  burgers – so I ordered a burger – Ian didn’t – it was the best burger I have ever tasted! And NO I didn’t give him any!!

Mileage: 17197

End of week 5 – total mileage: 5155


10 Responses to “Buongiorno Italia………….”

  1. I Palmenti apparently ate their children and cultivated grapes (not necessarily in that order). Perhaps that has something to do with the flavor of the burger. You make Naples look quite civilized.

  2. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    Hi Bev,

    Napoli has changed a bit since I was last there 15years ago, it was a real dirty (being polite) place back then, looks as though its been cleaned up………Did you go in Pompeii??



  3. Hi Conchskoot and Dave,

    Ian said he seems to remember parts of Napoli as being rather “scruffy” – maybe my love of all things Italian has blinkered me!

    No, Dave, we didn’t go into the ruins at Pompeii – we walked the length of the wall – peeking thru’ to get photos!

    Those kids sure tasted good Conch!

  4. Bev:

    I’m back to torment you again.

    You Meanie . . . I would have shared my burger with you, even if you didn’t ask . . .

    Lovely scenes of Italy. Too bad Mr Conch could have told you about those buildings, I’m sure he knows

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  5. Hi Bob,

    Welcome back – looked like you had a great time in Hawaii.

  6. BevGiraffe:

    I can’t help myself. I keep looking at your ballerina video. Can you please make a more up to date 2010 version

    thank you
    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  7. Auntie Bev:

    have you finished making the curtains for the VW van yet ? we want you back at the keyboard

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  8. Hi Bob

    Nope, not finished – got loads of stuff to make! Not the best sewer in the world …………

    In the words of the great man himself “I’ll be back”.

  9. Molto belle foto, mi ero innamorato. Sono brasiliano, ma di una sposa italiana e molto presto sarò in grado di soddisfare tutti questi paesaggi. Molto bella! Hugs

  10. Grazie Julyannah – L’Italia è un paese così bello 🙂

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