Route Plan European trip – Part A

I’ve been trying to work out a route for our trip.  We know where we want to go and I have a Google map done but Ian keeps “finding” new roads he wants to ride and so we’re going to end up going round in circles. This first part is approx 1350 miles and will take 1 day and 17 hours – I think we may stop tho’….

map 1 

After coming thru’ the “chunnel” to Calais we will be going to Brugges (B)  in Belgium  – having recently watched the film “In Bruges” it made me want to go there


it looks lovely -why do people always think of Belgium as boring…………

Then down thru Belgium and Luxembourg (C) to Baden Baden (D)  in Germany and the start of the Black Forest route. 


We will be riding approx 120 miles thru the Black Forest coming out at Waldhut (E) on the south side.  We may go and visit Zurich and come back up thru’ Liechtenstein or just go across country to Garmish Partenkirchen (F) This is one of my must see places – purely for this..


Neuschwanstein Castle.  I went here many years ago but it is so beautiful I want to see it again.  From here it’s probably down the Brenner Pass and thru’ Innsbruck.  Now my original map went from here down to Venice but then Ian struck………..he found these 2 roads and wants to detour……….the Stelvio Pass (G) Italy


and the Julierpass (H) Switzerland


After all these twists and turn and ups and downs a “nice” little ride down to Lake Garda (I)


and then thru’ Verona to here……another must see place (J)


From Venice its  across the top of the Italian Boot to Trieste (K) and into the Balkans……………



One Response to “Route Plan European trip – Part A”

  1. montieandme Says:

    Where are you both, keep looking for an update, tried texting you, think you cant find an internet cafe..hope alls, well ride safe and have loads of fun x

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