Route Plan European trip – Part C

After  a few days stay in Dalaman it’ll be time to hit the road again………

ScreenHunter_04 Jul. 13 19.15

As Turkey doesn’t have any roads (according to Google) we don’t really  know where we’re going to we’ll head north to Istanbul


then back again thru’ Greece to Igoumenista and the ferry to Brindisi  (B) in Italy. This may (or may not) be my favourite part of our trip – I like Italian things – clothes, bikes, cars and PIZZA!! So, from the ferry it’s south west into the Calabria (C) region


and then north to Naples (D)- via Pompeii and Vesuvius


and then another must see – a place i’ve wanted to go to for many years but have never yet been to


the eternal city (E)………how many days we’ll need here – who can say – but I want to see it all!

Next up thru’ Umbria to Perugia (F)

umbria perugia

and to complete our “cultural leg”  thru’ Tuscany to Florence (G)and Pisa (H)


So, enough of all these old ruins and onto the sea…………..



3 Responses to “Route Plan European trip – Part C”

  1. montieandme Says:

    Love your return route, your going to have a fabulous time..

  2. montieandme Says:

    p.s blog looks much better with a black stand out more 😉

  3. Can’t wait!

    Thanks, had to change theme cos all the pages,for some reason, were getting in a big muddle at the top…..

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