Turkey, Linda and Dave!

I first “met”  Linda on the internet, on myspace,  – but it wasn’t until I met her in the flesh that I realised how alike we really were


Linda and her husband, Dave, are 2 Brits who left England to start a new life in Dalaman in Turkey.  They invited us to stay with them  for a couple of weeks last year.  We were a bit surpised when we saw their house…


…………they told us they had a villa – but what the hell, we wouldn’t be in much anyway, and as long as there was a bed………..No – not that one, the yellow one!!   Phew…….


Dave had just got a new motorbike, a Honda Transalp


and had very kindly offered to loan us his old one so we could all go riding together.  Ian tried to get to grips with it….


He wasn’t too happy about the colour, but it was a bike and free!! Once again, we were wrong. This was Lindas’ scooter – not the one we were borrowing.  I think Ian breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the bike we were to use…..


The first port of call was to find a bar with satellite TV – it was the first match  of the football season and Ians’ team (Newcastle) were playing my team (Man Utd) – even tho’  neither Linda or Dave are interested in football they had already sourced a bar in Dalyan where the match would be on .  It was packed when we got there and the guys had to ride around trying to find somewhere to park the bikes. The match ended in a draw! Suprising when you consider what happened at the end of the season!!


We did a bit of local riding for a few days – Dalyan, Koycegiz, Sarigerme and Calis. Ian and I have been to Turkey a few times before and have always stayed at a little place near Fethiye called Calis Beach.  We decided to have a ride down there one day and see a few of the places we had been to before




We found our way there ok , without getting lost, and stopped at Gocek, a little harbour town on the way back


Dalyan is a small town  about 30 minutes from where Linda and Dave live.  It ‘s quite a popular tourist resort but doesn’t seem to be “overcrowded”  as some towns do. The Lycian rock tombs above the river date from 400 BC.


Copy of DSCF0077

We spent an evening here and saw the tombs lit up


Sarigerme is a little village just outside Dalaman – we rode here and then explored some of the country lanes Look – no people!!!


I even got to “ride” the bike!!


Dave and Ian rode to a local beach (the name I can’t remember) Linda and I weren’t “allowed” to go as the road was too dangerous!  I think they just didn’t want us there!


Didn’t look that bad……….


and strange how all these people had got down there



I’ve always wanted to go to Pamukkale and although Linda and Dave had already been there they wanted to go again.  Its about a 3 hours ride away over the mountains



We arrived there just in time for lunch……..


I can’t remember what I ordered but this big bready pancake thing came – we thought it was complimentary bread and everybody started eating it till we realised it was my lunch!  I didn’t like it anyway, so went hungry! Pamukkale is formed by limestone-laden thermal springs, creating a formation of stalactites and potholes.  The name means “cotton castles”




We walked all the way to the top , it was really busy so after spending half an hour searching for a toilet , we realised we didn’t really have time to visit the ruins at Hierapolis. Got a quick shot tho’


Rain was threatening so we decided to head back home. It became really windy with “stuff” blowing all over the road – it was no fun as the rain was stinging when it was hitting bare skin (funny, we would never ride without protective clothing back home!) The bike was really wobbling and at one point I thought we were going to be blown off.  It stopped after about an hour and  the sun came out again!


We visited the ruins and ampitheatre of Patara, about an hours ride away – Patara originally  dates from the 5th century BC, much of it has only recently been discovered and work is still going on to unearth more.



At the ampitheatre Linda and I decided to do battle


while Ian and Dave climbed to the top



It’s all Greek to me….


We found a road leading down to the beach, Linda and I had to get off and walk – it was too bad tho’ and had to come back up.


I wonder if the one in London knows it has competition


bet it’s a whole load cheaper tho’! This was pretty much the end of our holiday, but we know we’re going to be going back there soon………….

Linda and Dave came to stay with us as part of their European Trip (Travels with my motorbike) so we took them for a ride “English” style…….


full gear!  Of course, they couldn’t have picked a worse time to be here – poured with rain…….typical British weather! It was dry for a couple of hours tho’


so we went to Barnard Castle and had fish n chips


but it soon became black overhead, so we headed back home



See you in a month or so you two! (and thanks for the pics!!)

10 Responses to “Turkey, Linda and Dave!”

  1. Through the power of the Internet, Dave and I met a couple who we can really call good friends…although Bevs not as good as being a Roman Gladiator as me ha ha, cant wait to see you guys again..safe riding mate….

  2. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    Why Bev, I am shocked you put a photo of your old flame Steve on here……does Ian know?….we’ll be here for him !!

    Nice writing Mrs. your a natural at blogging.



  3. Linda, you keep “bragging” about how you beat me at Gladiators – but, you did “stab” me in the hand, drawing blood and causing me to retire……………..:)

  4. Thanks Dave.

    You never know Steve may be “reincarnated” if we ever get bored enough again – lol!

  5. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    …..that will be about two days after you get here then lol…

  6. Sorry to break up the party here.
    But I assure you all there’s going to be no more Steves !!

  7. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    What about a Mike then….you know you will !! lol..

  8. haha just read your loser comment..I won that battle fair and square..they dont call me Linda Spartacus frost for nothing!!!

    You will thank me for making you retire lol

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